Why Use eSIM?
why use esim

eSIM allows users to store multiple carrier profiles and switch easily between them on-the-fly. Furthermore, its removal frees up space that could otherwise be dedicated to physical SIM card and tray replacement in smartphones - space which could then be dedicated towards expanding battery capacity or adding features that require greater space allocation.

Businesses can remotely update and activate wireless services on many devices simultaneously, while travelers can stay connected by tapping anywhere around the globe.

Easy to switch carriers

As simple and hassle-free as activating a free trial of another carrier on an iPhone XR is using an eSIM capable device like T-Mobile and Visible by Verizon offers free trials of their networks via apps to get you going; travelers can switch carrier plans while abroad and business users can easily switch between personal and work numbers (or use both simultaneously) thanks to instant and seamless setup of an eSIM, making this an attractive new choice for anyone using smartphones or mobile devices.