Why is ESIM Not Working?
why is esim not working

If your eSIM isn't functioning properly, there are a few steps you can take. First, turn on and off the line in settings to reset it.

Re-registering your device on your cellular network should resolve the problem. Alternatively, you can contact Apple Support to diagnose and resolve the problem.

1. You don’t have a compatible device

If your eSim isn't working, the first step should be to determine if your device is compatible. You can do this by manually searching for networks and verifying if data switching is supported on the device. Alternatively, you may contact us to request a replacement eSIM.

If you haven't done so already, try turning off your Wi-Fi temporarily and see if your eSim still functions. If so, that's a sign that it is working properly. Also make sure all other updates on your device are up-to-date; these usually include bug fixes and security patches. Finally, confirm which network you are using before beginning to take advantage of mobile data plans while on-the-go! Once confirmed working, enjoy all its advantages with an eSIM!

2. You’re not on the right network

If your eSim is not functioning properly, it could be because of an incorrect network connection. To determine if your device and carrier are compatible, visit Visible's compatibility page to identify what needs to be changed.

An eSIM is an integrated chip on your phone that stores all data plans and phone numbers in one location. This saves space on the phone as well as helping avoid roaming charges when travelling abroad. You can get them from various carriers like EE, O2, Three and Vodafone in the UK; activation cards come from these carriers with either a QR code to scan on your device or through activating through your device's app.

4. You’re in low data mode

If your mobile data plan is limited, low data mode can help conserve it. It does this by slowing down background apps and eliminating unnecessary usage of information.

This is an effective way to avoid exceeding your monthly data limit and save you money. However, using low data mode for too long may negatively affect the quality of the phone's experience.

Apps and services may behave differently when in low data mode, such as disabling background app refresh and video auto-play, reducing streaming quality, and disabling some features that require network connectivity. For instance, updates to iCloud and Photos will pause and backups won't be saved automatically.

5. You’re not on the right network

If your phone isn't on the correct network, eSim won't function. To make sure eSim works properly, make sure it is connected to the same network as your computer for several reasons; including getting local coverage and avoiding roaming fees. Once connected to a compatible device and on the correct network, scanning a QR code to activate your eSIM is usually quicker than using a removable SIM card to transfer data between older phones and new ones.