Is Esim Available In Ghana?
Is Esim Available In Ghana

If you’re planning a trip to Ghana, you might be wondering whether eSIM (embedded SIM) is available there. It’s a digital version of the standard SIM card that is inbuilt into a mobile phone, wristband or tablet device at the point of manufacture.

The good news is that eSIMs are now widely available in Ghana & many other African countries. Travel eSIM providers like Holafly, SimCorner & Airalo have a range of regional, global and international eSIMs covering Ghana, as well as at least 80 other countries.


In an industry first, telecoms operator AirtelTigo has introduced eSIM to Ghana. The service will allow eSIM-enabled phones to be used with multiple network providers, without having to swap physical SIM cards.

According to Atul Narain Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of AirtelTigo, the eSIM will make life simpler for customers who travel often. This is because they won’t have to carry two phones and they will be able to use different numbers on the same device while keeping their privacy intact.

However, you may need to visit an office to get this service installed in your device. Once done, you will be able to use it to connect with any mobile network provider in Ghana.

In addition to a local eSIM, you can also choose a global eSIM for travel. These eSIMs offer data packages in a variety of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and NZD. Some of these travel eSIMs are data-only, so they don’t support call and text.


MTN is a leading telecoms service provider in Nigeria and Africa, providing voice and data services to millions of subscribers across the country. It was the first network operator in Africa to launch the eSIM technology which is embedded into smartphones.

The eSIM technology is currently available in select Samsung and Apple devices and can be used to make calls, send text messages and make remittances. This innovation is designed to deliver a host of benefits, including greater flexibility and convenience for users.

Unlike traditional SIM cards, the eSIM is built into your phone which means it can’t be lost or damaged. It also eliminates the need to deal with cutting, resizing or searching for adapters. Moreover, it’s extremely convenient for frequent travelers as it makes switching between network operators easy and seamless.


Vodafone is a British telecom company that operates mobile and broadband services worldwide. Its parent company is headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire and it has 59 million customers in 26 countries around the world.

Vodafone has also pioneered eSIM technology, which means that users no longer need to carry physical SIM cards with them when they travel. This technology is now available across 190 countries, making it the most popular eSIM platform.

The eSIM technology is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It allows for seamless connectivity with different network operators.

Vodafone launched a digital service called EuroDigital in 1991, which allowed users to “roam” throughout Europe and Scandinavia. This was an industry first, and it helped to put Vodafone on the map as a major global telco.


The UAE-based Etisalat is a telecommunications service provider that provides mobile, fixed and broadband services. It is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the world and has a network coverage across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Etisalat offers a range of high-speed data plans for both business and residential customers. It also offers a variety of mobile voice and messaging services for its customers.

etisalat also has an international roaming scheme that allows users to connect to different mobile networks when travelling abroad. This is especially helpful for people who travel a lot and need to use their phone regularly while away from home.

Etisalat aims to become the largest telecom company in the world and is focused on delivering a best-in-class total customer experience in its home markets as well as across its global operations. It is also investing in new technologies and partnerships in order to enhance its position as a leader in the digital world.