How To Turn Off Esim On Iphone 13
How To Turn Off Esim On Iphone 13

If you have an iPhone 13 that uses an eSIM instead of a physical SIM card, you may be wondering how to turn it off. Fortunately, it's very simple to do so.

An eSIM is a substitute for a physical SIM that's embedded in your iPhone, which makes it easier to switch between carriers. It also allows you to host multiple SIMs.

1. Go to Settings

Whether you're a new iPhone user or you've been using Apple's smartphones for years, there are always things that you can do to improve your experience. From hacks that can help you conserve power to handy shortcuts that can help make your life easier, there are tons of ways that you can tweak the settings on your phone.

If you're not familiar with a lot of the settings on your iPhone, then it may be helpful to know that most of them can be found through the Settings app. It's one of the most important apps on your device because it controls everything from the way that your device works to the data that it shares with other devices and apps.

Another useful setting in Settings is a feature called Auto-Lock, which can be set to wait for a certain period of time before locking the screen. This can be useful if you're in a situation where you have to leave the device unattended for a while.

2. Tap Cellular

If you've added a second line to your iPhone, you may want to switch it off when you're not using it. To do this, open the Settings app and tap Cellular plans.

Then, tap Turn off this line.

This disables the default voice line from receiving calls and texts. Instead, the secondary line will be used for those functions.

Note: If you use cellular data for email, web browsing or other apps and services, you may still be charged by your carrier.

You can reduce your cellular usage by turning on Low Data Mode, which stops automatic updates and background tasks when iPhone isn't connected to Wi-Fi.

You can also turn off Data Roaming when you're in a different region to avoid roaming charges. Depending on your network and iPhone model, you may be able to enable or disable cellular data for individual apps or services.

3. Tap eSIM

If you're switching to an Iphone 13 or simply want to remove the eSim from your current device, follow these steps. You can also erase all content and settings from your old iPhone to prevent any future issues.

Apple switched to eSIM technology on the iPhone Xs/Xr and iPhone Xs Max in an effort to make it slimmer and lighter. But it was also a big change for carriers, who no longer needed to provide physical SIM card slots in order to provide mobile service.

To use an eSIM on an iPhone, you need to ensure that the carrier you're using supports the feature. Some carriers may have a quick transfer process, and others might require you to call customer service in order to get a QR code for your eSIM.

Fortunately, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max come with a feature called Dual SIM that lets you use two active eSIMs at once. You can even select which one you want to use as the default for incoming calls and text messages. Alternatively, you can choose to allow your iPhone to switch between cellular data plans, depending on coverage and availability.

4. Tap Turn Off

One of the most innovative features on the iPhone 14 is the eSIM which allows you to store multiple cellular lines on your device without having to change your SIM card. This makes it easier to switch between networks and carriers when traveling across regions.

Occasionally, an eSIM can experience issues with activation or fail to perform as intended. If you have an eSIM and it is not working as it should then there are several fixes you can try to get it back up and running.

The most obvious fix is to wait a few hours for your carrier to process and activate the eSIM. This is important because iPhones will not register and install an unactivated eSIM during the setup process.

You can also try turning off a VPN or private DNS service to see if that helps your eSIM work as intended. Finally, we recommend you force restart your eSIM if it is experiencing any significant issues.