Can an ESIM Be Used For Prepaid Data?
can esim be prepaid

If you want to avoid paying high roaming fees, using a local prepaid data eSIM could be an effective solution. But this may not always be suitable.

Some countries require real name registration in order to activate an eSIM profile and this could delay your connectivity.


Numerous online providers provide international data plans with eSIM profiles, typically hosted in registration-free countries and permitting customers to purchase and download plans prior to travel without needing to present ID documents on location. Unfortunately, this option restricts local choices at destination since many eSIM profiles can only be used once.

Surfroam is an Estonian joint venture committed to fair per-MB pricing and quality network connectivity. Their eSIM profile can be added to any device with an empty slot by scanning a QR code sent via email, offering very affordable calls and SMS in 200+ countries on 4G/LTE technology - or you can add one from their extensive numbering portfolio for just an additional small fee.

Nomad is another US-based provider that specializes in offering eSIMs tailored to individual countries and regions, reselling Truphone plans with their own eSIM profiles as well as providing their own options and running referral programs.


Prepaid eSIMs provide users with more freedom when it comes to switching plans and service providers, without the hassle of swapping physical SIM cards out or signing new contracts. They make for great tools for digital nomads and frequent travelers.

eSIMs can also help avoid costly international roaming charges that have earned communications services providers (CSPs) billions each year. By using an international eSIM while traveling abroad, you can save money on data, call, and text charges.

Find an easy activation process and convenient account management tools to find a suitable prepaid eSIM for travels, such as clear instructions on scanning QR codes and configuring device settings, along with usage tracking and balance information that is readily understandable. A reputable provider should offer clear instructions regarding scanning these codes as well as balance reporting to ease account administration tasks.


Prepaid eSIMs offer the convenience of adding and cancelling mobile service plans without visiting a physical store, while managing account information and service plans online. Furthermore, these cards can be used in countries without traditional SIM infrastructures.

eSIMs can be particularly convenient for travelers as they enable them to avoid expensive roaming fees. Simply buy a prepaid travel data plan before or upon entering a country or region and install your eSIM profile immediately on your device - ready for use immediately!

In some countries, you may require ID documents in order to register an eSIM profile locally and select an acceptable data plan; in the US eSIM market however, Nomad and Simtex dominate with competitively priced travel data packages available through both providers.


One of the chief advantages of an eSIM profile is its enhanced security. Unlike traditional SIM cards that can be cancelled and stolen by unintended users, an eSIM profile resides securely in the cloud - making it virtually impossible for thieves to use an old line number as access into private online accounts and two-factor authentication (2FA codes).

An eSIM is also easy to use and helps reduce plastic, packaging and CO2 emissions associated with physical SIMs. Furthermore, an eSIM allows you to add another number to your device, ideal for business travelers who wish to keep work and personal numbers separate.

Many carriers offer prepaid plans for their eSIMs that you can buy through their websites and apps before traveling abroad. Once purchased, a QR code and label will be included to scan on your smartphone or tablet device.