Can an eSIM Be Converted Back to a Physical SIM?
can esim be converted back to physical sim

Yes, it is possible to switch back to physical SIMs by sending an SMS with your registered email ID to 121.

SIM cards have been an easy and efficient way of connecting phones to carriers for over 30 years; but the advent of eSIM may soon make them obsolete.

1. Deactivate your eSIM

An embedded SIM, or embedded Secure Identity Module (eSIM), is a programmable chip embedded within your device that's used to change its identity and functionality. They've become increasingly common in smartphones and tablets as well as connected devices like smartwatches; unlike physical SIMs which must be ordered from providers directly before being programmed via software; with an eSIM it's much simpler and cheaper to switch providers without buying new phones!

E-SIMs offer greater convenience and higher security - they cannot be removed from a device like physical SIMs can and require more complicated security processes to activate. This helps safeguard privacy and prevents unapproved access to your data.

To deactivate an eSIM, follow these steps: Within the Settings app, go to Cellular or Mobile Data and select your eSIM as you would like it deactivated.

2. Contact your carrier

If your carrier supports it, converting your eSIM back to a physical SIM can be done during initial iPhone setup. Each carrier may offer different processes - some may offer options like eSIM Carrier Activation or Quick Transfer; in such instances they will typically send you a QR code or require you to scan their app from your iPhone in order to do this step.

You may also attempt doing it yourself if you have the information and QR code that was used by your carrier to set up the eSIM on your previous phone. Some have had success using this QR code to set up their new iPhone provided they remove their original plan first.

To do so, open your Settings app and navigate to Cellular/Mobile Data (the name may differ depending on your phone model). If there is an option titled Convert to eSIM, tap it and wait for your new eSIM card to activate.

3. Get a physical SIM

SIM cards contain your account information (like phone number) and connect you to your carrier's network. When switching phones, simply take out and insert into the new one your old SIM card containing account data from its old phone.

Physical SIMs can be found easily at electronics stores and network providers, as well as being easier to replace in case your phone becomes lost or damaged.

An eSIM is a programmable chip embedded within your smartphone's motherboard that performs all of the same functions as its physical equivalent; you cannot physically remove it without unsoldering its connection from its host motherboard.

If you switch from an iPhone with physical SIM support to another with eSIM support, most models will allow for seamless transfer of your existing phone number onto the new device automatically thanks to iOS and Android eSIM-support tools that make this seamless process possible. In certain instances, however, you may be required to download or scan an QR code of your carrier before starting this process.

4. Activate your physical SIM

If you would like to change from an eSIM profile back to physical SIM, please reach out to your mobile service provider and they will deactivate it and issue you with a physical SIM card - they may require identity verification before providing this card as well as charging you a fee for its purchase.

eSIMs provide all of the functionality of traditional SIM cards, but are embedded within your phone instead. They allow access to carrier data remotely, making switching carriers simple without needing to physically switch SIMs out and in again. They also help reduce plastic use and CO2 emissions associated with production of physical SIMs; enable manufacturers to adjust internal layout of devices more effectively; create space for other components; or make devices look more stylish due to no physical slot for SIM card.